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2.0mm PCB Socket Double Row SMD Type equivalent to 872630893
2.0mm PCB Socket Double Row SMD Type equivalent to 872630893
  • 2.0mm PCB Socket Double Row SMD Type equivalent to 872630893

  • Part No : PSDSM20-08G-24-CR
  • Specifications: 
    Current rating:2.0A AC/DC 
    Voltage rating:250V AC/DC 

    Contact resistance:20m ohm max. 

    Withstanding Voltage:500V AC/minute 

    Insulation resistance: 1000M ohm min.

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Detailed description

Socket pcb is designed to accommodate an electronic component and provide an interface between the component and the PCB.

Discover unparalleled connectivity with our 2.0mm PCB Socket Double Row SMD Type, a reliable solution designed for optimal performance in your electronic projects. With a precision-engineered double-row configuration and surface mount technology, this socket sets the standard for secure connections on your PCB.

Key Features:

1. 2.0mm Precision: Experience seamless integration with a 2.0mm pin spacing, ensuring precise connections for your electronic components.

2. Double Row Efficiency: The double-row design maximizes versatility, offering expanded connection options and enhanced flexibility for a range of applications.

3. SMD Technology Advantage: Harness the power of Surface Mount Device (SMD) technology for a space-efficient, reliable connection process. Ideal for modern PCB designs.

4. Robust Build: Crafted for durability, our PCB socket guarantees long-lasting performance, providing a stable foundation for your electronic components.

5. Versatile Applications: Tailored for a variety of applications, from prototypes to commercial projects, this PCB socket adapts effortlessly to your project’s unique requirements.

Elevate your electronic designs with a connector that combines precision, efficiency, and reliability. Choose our 2.0mm PCB Socket Double Row SMD Type for a connection that exceeds expectations in every application.

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