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  • Nano Fit connectors are fully automated
    Nano Fit connectors are fully automated, with high efficiency and quality. Order now! Enjoy quality service, compatible with Home Appliances /105431/105430/105405/105309/105310/105311/105312/105313/105314/219537 series, application industry Home Appliances Refrigerator Home Appliances Oven EV Charging Stations Home Energy Storage System
  • The Dragon Boat Festival
    The Dragon Boat Festival
  • compatible Picoflex Connectors(90325 /90779/90814/ 90816/90327/90584 series)
    Hoyato has launched the 1.27mm Header and IDT Housing series, which can provide 4~26 pins. The plastic color can be black or white, and the surface plating can provide tin plating and gold plating. Applications by Industry Automotive:Air conditioning/Car LCD panel/Car audio/Dashboard applications/In-car entertainment/Navigation systems Industrial Automation:Access controls/Advertising displays/Power supply markets and applications/Security devices/Solar/Weighing systems MedTech:Blood analyzer/Patient monitors/Portable heart monitors/Testers Home Appliances:Countertop/Dishwasher/Dryer/Microwave/Oven/Refrigerator/Washing machine
  • Good Luck on your Gaokao
    Good Luck on your Gaokao
  • Meet Melissa,Sales manager at HOYATO
    Hard work,professional knowledge,responsible,kind,powerfull and modest Melissa said"I have loved working at HOYATO, the working environment is positive and encouraging, Everyone is engaged in whatever they do, whether it’s managing day-to-day tasks, sharing expertise with others, or simply welcoming new colleagues Every department at HOYATO has so many great people within and it makes working here so enjoyable"
  • DIY Maker Robot Mirco Bit BBC Edge Connector
    做你想做!DIY创客机器扩充卡槽和配套连接器全系列制造工厂,新质生产力让你设计无忧,成就梦想!Do what you want! DIY maker machine expansion card slot and supporting connector full series of manufacturing plants, new quality production force to let you design worry-free, the achievement of dreams!Provide Micro bit PCB matching pin header, female header, wire to board connector, usb B connector, wire harness
  • Meet Jeremy Liu,CEO & Founder at HOYATO
  • Demystifying Virtual Currency Series Connectors: The Backbone of Decentralized Finance