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Connector for micro:bit 40PIN R/A SMT
Connector for micro:bit 40PIN R/A SMT
  • Connector for micro:bit 40PIN R/A SMT

  • Part No : PCIRSM127-40SG-1150
  • Electric Specifications

    Current Rating:3.0Amps 

    Rating Voltage: 250V AC

    Insulation Resistance:100M Ohm Min At DC 500V

    Contact Resistance:30m Ohm Max At DC 100m Amps

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Detailed description

The Hoyato BBC Micro: bit Connector is specifically designed for connecting Micro: bit development boards and other add-on modules. Its projectile contact made of Phosphor bronze material simplifies the process of connecting and disconnecting Micro: bits, making it a great choice for developing circuit prototypes. Furthermore, it can tolerate small deviations and vibrations during installation, making it easy to install and suitable for a variety of applications.

The Hoyato Edge Connector and Hoyato BBC Micro: bit Connector are both versatile and can be used for a variety of applications, including children’s education programming, embedded systems, industrial control devices, smart homes, and DIY creations. These connectors are ideal for developers and ordinary users alike, providing high performance, compatibility, reliability, and ease of installation in building electronic devices and circuit prototypes

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