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  • CONN.MOLEX 14C. PICO-CLASP 501331-1407, wafer connector

  • Part No : WFVASM10-14-LK-CR
  • Series: 501331

    Current Rating: 1 A

    Contact Material: Tin

    Mounting Angle: Straight

    Installation style: SMD/SMT

    Number of positions: 14 Position

    Minimum operating temperature: – 40 C

    Maximum operating temperature: + 105 C

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Detailed description

Wafer connectors are slim, compact electrical connectors designed for PCBs. They provide secure connections, making them essential for diverse electronic applications, particularly in tight spaces and densely populated boards.

The wafer connector is a slim, low-profile electrical connector used in electronic devices and printed circuit boards (PCBs). It typically consists of a row of closely spaced male and female pins or contacts that allow for the transfer of electrical signals and power between different components on a PCB. These connectors are designed to save space and are often used in applications where there are tight constraints on size and where a large number of connections need to be made in a compact area. Wafer connectors are commonly found in various electronic devices, including laptops, mobile phones, and other compact electronics, to ensure efficient and reliable connectivity while minimizing the use of valuable space.

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