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USB type C Rev 3.1 socket connector H3.45mm Dip1.6mm R/A SMT+dip Type 24P
USB type C Rev 3.1 socket connector H3.45mm Dip1.6mm R/A SMT+dip Type 24P
  • USB type C Rev 3.1 socket connector H3.45mm Dip1.6mm R/A SMT+dip Type 24P

  • Part No : UBSR31H1-24SG-BK-TR
  • Current Rating:5.0A AC/DC
    Voltage Ratinge:100V AC/DC
    Contact Resistance:40m ohm. Max
    Insulation Resistance:100Mohm min
    Withstanding Voltage:100V(r.m.s) For one Minute
    Operating Temperature Ran

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Melissa Lee

USB type C Rev 3.1 socket connector H3.45mm Dip1.6mm R/A SMT+dip Type 24P


Connector Type
USB type C 3.1
USB type C Rev 3.1 socket connector H3.45mm Dip1.6mm R/A SMT+dip Type 24P

Tape and reel
Number of Positions
Mounting Type
R/A SMT+dip Type 
Contact Material
Gold Plated on contact Matte-Tin plated on solder tail


USB type c features a reversible design, allowing users to plug in the connector in any orientation.

Introducing our USB Type-C Rev 3.1 Socket Connector – a technological marvel designed to propel your devices into the future. With a sleek H3.45mm Dip1.6mm form factor, right-angle (R/A) SMT+dip type, and 24-pin configuration, this connector offers seamless integration and high-performance connectivity for modern electronic designs.

Key Features:

  1. USB Type-C Rev 3.1 Standard:

    • Our USB Type-C Socket Connector adheres to the USB 3.1 Rev 3.1 standard, providing you with the latest in high-speed connectivity. Experience data transfer rates of up to 10 gigabits per second (Gbps) for lightning-fast file transfers and multimedia streaming.
  2. Sleek and Compact Design:

    • With a slim H3.45mm Dip1.6mm form factor, our connector ensures efficient space utilization in your electronic designs. The compact design is perfect for modern devices where size and weight are critical considerations.
  3. Right-Angle (R/A) SMT+dip Type:

    • The right-angle design of our USB Type-C Connector enhances cable management and optimizes space utilization on your printed circuit board (PCB). This design flexibility ensures a sleek and organized layout in your devices.
  4. 24-Pin Configuration:

    • Boasting a 24-pin configuration, our connector supports the advanced features of USB Type-C, including high-speed data transfer, Power Delivery (PD), and versatile alternate modes such as DisplayPort. This configuration caters to the demands of multifunctional devices.
  5. Surface Mount Technology (SMT) + Dip Integration:

    • Our connector is designed for both Surface Mount Technology (SMT) and Through-Hole (Dip) integration, providing manufacturing flexibility. This ensures compatibility with various production processes, making it suitable for a wide range of electronic devices.
  6. High-Quality Materials:

    • Crafted from high-quality materials, our USB Type-C Connector guarantees durability and resilience. The connector is built to withstand the rigors of everyday use, ensuring a reliable and long-lasting connection in your devices.
  7. Versatile Application Spectrum:

    • From laptops and smartphones to audio devices and more, our USB Type-C Connector is designed for versatile applications. Its compatibility ensures it seamlessly integrates into various electronic devices across industries.
  8. Effortless Integration:

    • Designed for easy integration onto your PCB, our USB Type-C Connector simplifies the manufacturing process. The user-friendly design ensures a hassle-free installation for efficient production.
  9. Future-Ready Connectivity:

    • Stay ahead of the technological curve with our USB Type-C Connector. As a Rev 3.1 compliant connector, it is future-ready, ensuring compatibility with emerging technologies and standards for long-lasting connectivity.
  10. Enhanced Connectivity Experience:

    • Elevate the connectivity experience in your devices with our USB Type-C Connector. Whether you’re transferring data, charging devices, or utilizing alternate modes, this connector delivers a seamless and efficient connectivity solution.

Upgrade your devices with the precision and efficiency they deserve – choose our USB Type-C Rev 3.1 Socket Connector for connectivity that goes beyond expectations. Order now to unlock the power of next-generation connectivity in your electronic designs.



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