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36 Pin Straight Dip SMT Type PCI-E Connector With Post
36 Pin Straight Dip SMT Type PCI-E Connector With Post
  • 36 Pin Straight Dip SMT Type PCI-E Connector With Post

  • Part No : PCIEVSM10-36G-PN
  • 1. Current Rating : 1.1Amps
    2. Voltage Rating : 250V AC
    3. Contact Resistance : 30m Ohm Max At DC 500V
    4. Insulation Resistance : 100M Ohm Min at DC 500V
    5. Withstanding Voltage : 1 Minute At 750V r.m.s Min
    6. Operating Temperature Range : -40°C ~ 85°C
    1.Insulator:High Temp. Plastic (Nylon 66 UL94V-0)
       Color :Black
    2.Terminal: Copper Alloy
    3.Plating: Selective Gold Plated

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Detailed description

PCI Express pins refer to the electrical contacts or connectors used in PCIe slots and devices to establish high-speed data communication within a computer or electronic system.


Key Features:

  1. High-Speed Data Transmission: Our PCI Express Pins are engineered to support lightning-fast data transfer rates, making them ideal for applications that demand rapid and uninterrupted data flow.

  2. Robust Connectivity: Trust in the stability and durability of our pins. They ensure secure connections, reducing the risk of signal loss or interruptions during operation.

  3. Precision Design: Crafted with precision and adherence to industry standards, our PCI Express Pins guarantee consistent and reliable performance in various electronic applications.

  4. Versatile Compatibility: Whether you’re designing a gaming rig, a data server, or an industrial automation system, our pins offer versatile compatibility with a wide range of devices.



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