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SATA Plug R/A SMT Type With Metal Tab
SATA Plug R/A SMT Type With Metal Tab
  • SATA Plug R/A SMT Type With Metal Tab

  • Part No : SATPRSM127-XX-A2
  • Specifications
    Current Rating:1.0A AC/DC
    Voltage Ratinge:125V AC/DC
    Contact Resistance:20m ohm. Max
    Insulation Resistance:1000Mohm min
    Withstanding Voltage:500V(r.m.s) For one Minute
    Operating Temperature Range:-20°C ~ +85°C
    Insulator:High Temp. Plastic(LCP UL94V-0)
    Conact :Phosphor Bronze

    Plated:Selective Gold Plated

    Available specification: 7/15/22 Pin

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Detailed description

SATA Plug SMT Typ is a type of connector used in Serial ATA cables to establish a connection between storage devices and the motherboard or storage controlle

Revolutionize your storage connectivity with our state-of-the-art SATA Plug Right-Angle Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Type featuring a robust Metal Tab. Engineered for unparalleled performance, this SATA plug redefines data transfer standards, providing a seamless and durable connection for your storage devices.

The Right-Angle and SMT design of our SATA Plug optimize space utilization within your system, allowing for easy integration into various configurations. The inclusion of a Metal Tab ensures added stability and durability, making this plug ideal for demanding applications.

Experience lightning-fast data transfer speeds as our SATA Plug supports the latest SATA standards, providing a high-performance interface for upgrading hard disk drives (HDDs) or integrating solid-state drives (SSDs). The gold-plated contacts and robust Metal Tab ensure superior conductivity, minimizing signal loss and delivering a consistently reliable connection.

The SATA Plug’s compact design and compatibility with various SATA devices make it the perfect choice for both DIY enthusiasts and professional system builders. Whether you’re building a new computer or enhancing existing storage configurations, this SATA plug is the key to unlocking high-speed data transfer and seamless connectivity.

Upgrade your system with confidence – explore the future of storage connectivity with our SATA Plug Right-Angle SMT Type With Metal Tab. Shop now and take your electronic projects to new heights with a plug that combines precision, durability, and high-performance data transfer.

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