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8P8C Mould JACK R/A SMT Connector
8P8C Mould JACK R/A SMT Connector
  • 8P8C Mould JACK R/A SMT Connector

  • Part No : RJRSM-8PXC
  • Current Rating:1.5A AC,DC
    Voltage Rating:125V AC,DC
    Temperature Range:-40°C ~ +85°C
    Contact Resistance:20mohm max.
    Insulation Resistance:500Mohm min.
    Withstanding Voltage:1,000V AC/Minute
    Insulator:High Temp. Plastic (PBT UL 94V-0)
    Contact:Copper Alloy
    Plating: Gold Plated  on Contact Area,
          Tin Plated on Solder Tail. 
    Shell:Metal Iron with Nickel plated 

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Detailed description

8P8C Mould JACK Right-Angle (R/A) SMT Connector: Efficient Connectivity for Networking Solutions

Introducing our 8P8C Mould JACK Right-Angle (R/A) SMT Connector – a high-performance solution designed for seamless networking applications. This connector, commonly known as an RJ45 connector, is crafted to meet the demands of modern data and communication systems. Explore the key features that make the 8P8C Mould JACK R/A SMT Connector an ideal choice for your networking needs:

1. High-Speed Connectivity:

  • The 8P8C Mould JACK R/A SMT Connector is engineered to provide high-speed connectivity, making it well-suited for Ethernet and other data transmission applications. It ensures efficient data transfer and reliable performance in networking environments.

2. Right-Angle Design for Space Optimization:

  • Featuring a Right-Angle (R/A) design, this connector is optimized for space efficiency on circuit boards. The right-angle configuration is particularly advantageous in applications where circuit space is limited, allowing for a more compact and organized layout.

3. Surface Mount Technology (SMT) for Easy Integration:

  • The Surface Mount Technology (SMT) of this connector simplifies its integration into circuit boards. This method of mounting enhances the efficiency of the assembly process, contributing to a more streamlined and cost-effective manufacturing process.

4. 8P8C Configuration for Versatility:

  • The 8P8C configuration of this connector supports a wide range of applications. It is commonly used in Ethernet connections, telephone lines, and other networking setups. The 8P8C design is compatible with standard RJ45 jacks and plugs.

5. Durability and Reliability:

  • Crafted with durability in mind, this connector is built to withstand frequent insertions and removals. The robust construction ensures long-term reliability, making it suitable for networking solutions where consistent performance is critical.

6. Secure Connection:

  • The 8P8C Mould JACK R/A SMT Connector is designed to provide a secure and stable connection. This is essential for preventing signal loss, ensuring data integrity, and minimizing the risk of disconnection in networking applications.

7. Wide Range of Applications:

  • This connector is suitable for various applications, including networking equipment, routers, switches, and communication devices. Its compatibility with standard RJ45 connectors makes it a versatile choice for both commercial and industrial networking setups.

8. Industry Standards Compliance:

  • Adhering to industry standards, this connector ensures compatibility and interoperability with a wide range of networking equipment. It meets established criteria for performance, contributing to a reliable and standardized networking infrastructure.

9. Future-Ready Design:

  • Embrace a future-ready design with the 8P8C Mould JACK R/A SMT Connector. Engineered to meet evolving networking requirements, this connector supports high-speed data transmission and is compatible with emerging technologies.

10. Easy Maintenance and Repair: – The design of this connector facilitates easy maintenance and repair, allowing for efficient troubleshooting and replacement when necessary. This feature is valuable in maintaining the longevity of networking systems.

Upgrade your networking solutions with the 8P8C Mould JACK Right-Angle (R/A) SMT Connector, a reliable and efficient choice for high-performance data transmission. Ensure seamless connectivity and optimize space on your circuit boards – invest in this connector for your networking applications.

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