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8 ways 2.54mm wire harness L=153
8 ways 2.54mm wire harness L=153
  • 8 ways 2.54mm wire harness L=153

  • Part No : HCA-HB254-08D-153A
  • Brand: Hoyato
    Gender: Female
    Cable Color: As pic
    Application: Power Connectors
    Cable Length:153

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Detailed description

Melissa Lee


Since wire harnesses can be used to solve such a diverse range of interconnection challenges, they are used extensively throughout myriad industries. Virtually any industry that relies on cable arrangements can benefit from the use of wire harnesses. The following sectors, among others, often rely on wire harnesses to maximize efficiency and protect employees against the dangers of haphazard wiring:
     Aerospace. Wire assemblies are used in an expansive range of aerospace products, such as drones, satellites, and aircraft to facilitate the transmission of power, communication, and more.
     Automotive. Wire harnesses are critical for saving valuable space within automobiles within the dashboard, under the hood, lighting/signals, and more. They are also important for organizing complex wiring in such a way that technicians can easily identify their purpose.
     Medical. Hospitals and clinics rely on wire harnesses to organize and protect wires in and between equipment, including crash carts, diagnostic and imaging equipment, dental equipment and more.
     Telecommunications. Wire harnesses optimize use of space in a variety of telecommunications equipment, such as modems, routers, repeaters, and a variety of other communication and broadband equipment.
     Information technology. Nearly all computers, laptops, servers, and other IT technology contain wire harnesses to optimize space and organize wires for easy identification and installation by technicians.
     Construction. Wire harnesses are widely used within structures to provide wiring insulation and organization.
     Manufacturing. CNC machines and other powered manufacturing equipment rely on wire harnesses to route and organize external and internal wiring.
     Robotics and automation. Wire harnesses are used on most automated equipment and robotics to safely route, group, and protect critical wiring
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