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USB C Female Rev 3.1 R/A SMT+dip Type 24P H=1.9mm
USB C Female Rev 3.1 R/A SMT+dip Type 24P H=1.9mm
  • USB C Female Rev 3.1 R/A SMT+dip Type 24P H=1.9mm

  • Part No : UBSR31-24SG
  • Specifications
    Current Rating:5.0A AC/DC
    Voltage Ratinge:100V AC/DC
    Contact Resistance:40m ohm. Max
    Insulation Resistance:100Mohm min
    Withstanding Voltage:100V(r.m.s) For one Minute
    Operating Temperature Range:-40°C ~ +85°C
    Insulator:High Temp. Plastic(LCP UL94V-0)
    Conact :Copper Alloy

    Plated:Selective Gold Plated

    Shell:Srainless,Nickel Plated 30~50u”

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Detailed description

USB C Female Rev 3.1 R/A SMT+DIP Type 24P H=1.9mm: Unleashing Advanced Connectivity in a Compact Design

Introducing our USB C Female Rev 3.1 Right-Angle Surface Mount Technology (SMT) + Dual In-line Package (DIP) Type 24P Connector with a low profile of H=1.9mm. This cutting-edge connector redefines connectivity with USB 3.1 standards, a right-angle design, and a compact profile. Discover the standout features that make this connector an essential component for modern electronic applications:

1. USB 3.1 Technology:

  • Embrace the power of USB 3.1 technology, ensuring lightning-fast data transfer speeds of up to 10 Gbps. This connector is equipped to handle high-bandwidth applications and data-intensive tasks with ease.

2. Right-Angle Design for Space Optimization:

  • The right-angle design enhances space optimization on printed circuit boards (PCBs). Ideal for compact and sleek device designs, it contributes to efficient use of space without compromising on connectivity performance.

3. SMT + DIP Configuration:

  • Combining Surface Mount Technology (SMT) and Dual In-line Package (DIP), this connector offers versatility in installation. SMT ensures efficient PCB mounting, while DIP facilitates compatibility with various device architectures, providing flexibility in design.

4. Low Profile (H=1.9mm):

  • With a low profile of H=1.9mm, this connector maintains a slim and compact form factor. The low profile is crucial for applications where space constraints are a consideration, allowing for efficient integration into devices with minimal height allowances.

5. 24-Pin Configuration for Comprehensive Connectivity:

  • The 24-pin configuration supports comprehensive connectivity, including high-speed data transfer, power delivery, and multimedia functions. This ensures that the connector meets the diverse requirements of modern electronic applications.

6. High-Speed Data Transfer Capabilities:

  • Leverage the USB 3.1 capabilities for high-speed and reliable data transfer. Whether handling large files, streaming multimedia content, or supporting data-intensive applications, this connector excels in maintaining efficient communication between devices.

7. Efficient Power Delivery:

  • Beyond data transfer, this connector supports efficient power delivery. With USB Power Delivery (PD) capabilities, it facilitates reliable power supply for connected devices, offering a versatile solution for charging and powering electronics.

8. Compact and Lightweight Design:

  • The compact and lightweight design of the USB C Female Connector ensures ease of integration into various electronic devices. Its lightweight construction contributes to the overall portability and efficiency of the connected device.

9. Robust Construction for Longevity:

  • Crafted from durable materials, this connector is designed to withstand frequent insertions and removals. Its robust construction ensures long-term reliability, making it suitable for devices requiring enduring connectivity.

10. Future-Ready Connectivity: – With USB 3.1 capabilities and a forward-looking design, this connector is poised for the future. It accommodates the increasing demands for faster data transfer, improved power delivery, and enhanced connectivity standards.

Upgrade your electronic designs with our USB C Female Rev 3.1 R/A SMT+DIP Type 24P Connector, offering a perfect blend of advanced technology, space optimization, and reliability. Experience seamless integration and optimal performance in your electronic products. Order now to stay ahead in the dynamic world of connectivity.

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