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2.54mm Pogo Pin 827 Series CONN SPRING PISTON 6POS PCB
2.54mm Pogo Pin 827 Series CONN SPRING PISTON 6POS PCB
  • 2.54mm Pogo Pin 827 Series CONN SPRING PISTON 6POS PCB

  • Part No : PGV254-06G20-100
  • 1. Material

    Plunger: Brass 3604
    Barrel: Brass 3604
    Spring: SUS304

    2. Plating

    Plunger: 1 Ou”(0.25um) minimum gold over 100u”(2.54um) nickel

    3. Electrical

    Rated current & voltage: DC 12V; 3.0A Max.
    Contact resistance: 50 mohm maximum at normal working height(quiescence)

    4. Mechanical

    Durability: 10,000 cycles(minimum) 

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Detailed description

Spring loaded pin connector is  is designed with a spring mechanism that ensures consistent pressure and contact with a mating surface or connector. 

2.54mm Pogo Pin 827 Series 827-22-006-10-004101 CONN SPRING PISTON 6POS PCB


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Pogo pin is a kind of spring probe formed by riveting and preloading three basic components of needle shaft, spring and needle tube through precision instrument. There is a precision spring structure inside. The surface coating of Pogo pin is generally gold-plated. It can improve its corrosion protection function, mechanical properties, electrical properties and so on. The needle tip has pointed needle, grasping needle, round needle, knife needle and so on. Pogo pin is generally used in mobile phone, communication, automobile, medical treatment, aerospace and other electronic products, which can improve the corrosion resistance, stability and durability of these connectors. Because pogo pin is a very fine probe, it can reduce the weight and appearance volume of the connector in precision connector, and make the connector more fine and beautiful.

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