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Replace BCS-146-L-D-HE 2.54mm Pass-Through Socket Strip 0.100 pitch 46p
Replace BCS-146-L-D-HE 2.54mm Pass-Through Socket Strip 0.100 pitch 46p
  • Replace BCS-146-L-D-HE 2.54mm Pass-Through Socket Strip 0.100 pitch 46p

  • Part No : PSDBR254-46G
  • Series: BCS

    Number of Positions: 46p

    Current Rating: 4.6 A
    Voltage Rating: 450 VAC
    Minimum operating temperature: – 55 C
    Maximum operating temperature: + 125 C

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Detailed description

Explore the enhanced features of our replacement for the BCS-146-L-D-HE, a 2.54mm Pass-Through Socket Strip designed for seamless connectivity in your electronic projects. With a 0.100″ (2.54mm) pitch and 46 pins, this connector strip delivers reliability and efficiency for your PCB connections.

Key Features:

  • Standardized 2.54mm Pitch: Our replacement Socket Strip maintains the widely adopted 2.54mm pitch, ensuring compatibility with industry standards. Experience consistent and reliable connections with other electronic components and devices.

  • Pass-Through Design: Facilitating easy and direct connections, the pass-through design streamlines the integration of the socket strip into your PCB layout. Achieve efficient signal routing and connectivity in your electronic assemblies.

  • Optimal Pin Count (46 Pins): Tailored for versatility, this replacement strip features 46 pins, providing ample connectivity options for your electronic circuits. Ideal for applications requiring a moderate pin count for diverse connections.

  • Durable Construction: Crafted with quality materials, our replacement Socket Strip ensures durability and longevity. The robust design withstands the demands of electronic applications, offering a reliable solution for your connectivity needs.


  • Prototyping and Development: Trusted by engineers and designers, this replacement Socket Strip is ideal for prototyping and development phases. It simplifies the process of creating and testing electronic circuits.

  • Custom Electronic Designs: Whether you’re working on hobbyist projects or intricate electronic systems, our replacement strip caters to a range of applications. Customize your electronic designs with ease and precision.

  • PCB Integration: Seamlessly integrate the replacement Socket Strip into your PCB layouts. Whether for single-board projects or larger electronic assemblies, this connector strip ensures stable and secure connections.

Order Your Replacement Today:

Upgrade your electronic projects with our replacement for the BCS-146-L-D-HE 2.54mm Pass-Through Socket Strip. Experience the benefits of standardized pitch, pass-through design, and optimal pin count for efficient connectivity. Order now to elevate the performance of your electronic assemblies.


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