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2.54mm male pin header connector single row straight connector 6p 21.08mm length male header
2.54mm male pin header connector single row straight connector 6p 21.08mm length male header
  • 2.54mm male pin header connector single row straight connector 6p 21.08mm length male header

  • Part No : PHV254-06G-2108
  • Current Rating:3.0A AC DC

    Voltage Rating:250V AC.DC

    Contact resistance:20m ohm. Max


    Withstanding Volatge:600V AC for one minute

    Operating Temperature:-40°C-105°C

    Insulator:High Temp. Plastic PBT UL94V-0

    Insulator color:Black

    Contact:Copper Alloy

    Plating:Gold  plated

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2.54mm male pin header connector single row straight connector 6p 21.08mm length male header 


Connector Type
Pin header 
2.54mm male pin header,2.54mm male pin header connector,pin header connector single row, 21.08mm length male header 
Pitch – Mating
Contact Length – Mating
Number of rows
Row Option
Straight dip type
Overall Contact Length


Elevate your electronic projects with our Male Pin Header Connector, meticulously crafted for reliability and precision. Featuring a 2.54mm pitch, 4 pins in a single-row configuration, and 6.0mm pin length, this header connector is designed to meet the demands of various applications, providing a streamlined solution for your connectivity needs.

Key Features:

  • Standardized 2.54mm Pitch: Ensure seamless compatibility with standard breadboards, PCB layouts, and electronic components. The 2.54mm pitch guarantees secure connections, allowing for consistent and reliable integration into your circuits.

  • 4-Pin Configuration: This connector offers a compact yet versatile 4-pin configuration, suitable for a range of electronic applications. Whether you’re prototyping or assembling intricate circuits, this header connector provides the flexibility needed for your projects.

  • Optimal 6.0mm Pin Length: Strike a balance between space efficiency and ease of use with a pin length of 6.0mm. This length is ideal for various applications, offering flexibility for installations with specific space considerations.

  • Single Row Straight Type Design: Simplify the integration process with the single-row straight type configuration, enabling direct insertion into through-holes on a PCB. This design is well-suited for traditional PCB assembly methods, ensuring stability and ease of use.


  • Prototyping and Development: Ideal for breadboarding and prototyping stages of electronic projects, this header connector facilitates a reliable and standardized connection interface. The 2.54mm pitch supports easy testing and iteration of circuit designs.

  • Custom PCB Designs: Tailor your PCB layouts with confidence. The 4-pin configuration accommodates a variety of electronic configurations, making it well-suited for custom PCB designs where precision and reliability are paramount.

  • Compact Electronic Devices: Perfect for applications with space constraints, this header connector is suitable for compact electronic devices and gadgets where streamlined connectivity is essential.

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Upgrade your electronic designs with the precision and reliability of the Male Pin Header Connector. Benefit from the standardized pitch, compact pin configuration, and optimal pin length. Order now to enhance the connectivity of your PCBs and electronic projects.


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