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Female header Single row 2.54mm pitch  3 pins
Female header Single row 2.54mm pitch  3 pins
  • Female header Single row 2.54mm pitch 3 pins

  • Part No : PSH254-02G-2B
  • Specifications:
    Current rating:3.0A AC/DC
    Voltage rating:250 AC/DC
    Contact resistance:20m ohm. max.

    Insulation resistance:1,000M ohm. min.

    Dielectric withstanding:AC 600V

    lnsulator:High Temp. Plastic(PBT UL94V-0)

    Insulator Color:Black
    Contact:Copper Alloy
    Plating:Gold Plated

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Detailed description

Simplify your electronic projects with our Single-Row 2.54mm Pitch 2-Pin Female Header. Engineered for precision and ease of use, this connector is designed to seamlessly integrate into your circuits. With a standardized 2.54mm pitch and a streamlined two-pin configuration, this female header ensures reliable and efficient connectivity in your electronic designs.

Key Features:

  • Standardized 2.54mm Pitch: Our 2-Pin Female Header adheres to the widely recognized 2.54mm pitch, ensuring compatibility with industry standards. Achieve consistent and secure connections in your electronic projects with this standardized design.

  • Efficient Two-Pin Configuration: Tailored for simplicity, the two-pin configuration offers an efficient solution for basic connections. Whether for power, signal, or data, this female header provides a reliable connection in a streamlined form.

  • Space-Saving Design: With a single-row layout, this female header is perfect for space-sensitive applications. Its compact design allows for efficient use of PCB real estate, making it ideal for projects where size matters.

  • Secure Through-Hole Mounting: Designed for through-hole mounting, the female header ensures a secure and stable connection on the PCB. This design choice adds to the reliability of your electronic circuits, providing stability during use.


  • Prototyping and Breadboarding: Ideal for prototyping and breadboarding, this 2-Pin Female Header simplifies the process of connecting and testing electronic components during the development phase.

  • Custom Electronics Projects: Suited for various custom electronics projects where a simple and reliable two-pin connection is required. Customize your designs with confidence using this efficient female header.

  • Educational Environments: Perfect for educational settings, this female header is beginner-friendly and facilitates learning about electronic connections. It is an excellent choice for students and hobbyists exploring electronics.

Order Your Single-Row 2.54mm Pitch 2-Pin Female Header Today:

Upgrade your electronic designs with our Single-Row 2.54mm Pitch 2-Pin Female Header. Experience the benefits of a standardized pitch, efficient two-pin configuration, and space-saving design for reliable and streamlined connectivity. Order now to enhance the connectivity of your electronic projects.


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