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2.54mm Pin Header R/A Dip Type Single Row
2.54mm Pin Header R/A Dip Type Single Row
  • 2.54mm Pin Header R/A Dip Type Single Row

  • Part No : PHR254-XXG
  • Specifications
    Current Rating:3.0A AC/DC
    Voltage Ratinge:250V AC/DC
    Contact Resistance:20m ohm. Max
    Insulation Resistance:1000Mohm min
    Withstanding Voltage:600V(r.m.s) For one Minute
    Operating Temperature Range:-40°C ~ +105°C
    Insulator:High Temp. Plastic(PBT UL94V-0)
    Conact :Copper Alloy

    Plated:Gold Plated

    Inquiry quotation: provide Dimension A/B/C and Plating requirement

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Detailed description

2.54mm pin header is a type of electrical connector commonly used in electronic devices and printed circuit boards

Discover seamless electronic connectivity with our 2.54mm Pin Header — a versatile electrical connector designed for electronic devices and printed circuit boards (PCBs). Boasting a standardized 0.1-inch pitch, this pin header is a fundamental component in electronics, offering modularity and ease of integration.

Key Features:

  1. Optimal Pitch Precision: The 2.54mm pitch ensures precise alignment, providing compatibility with various electronic components and systems. Experience seamless connections with this industry-standard pin header.

  2. Configurations to Suit Your Needs:

    • Choose from single-row or double-row configurations based on your specific requirements. Whether you need a straight line or dual rows of pins, our 2.54mm pin header offers versatility for diverse applications.
  3. Through-Hole and Surface Mount Options:

    • Opt for through-hole mounting for secure connections with soldered pins or explore surface mount technology (SMT) for streamlined designs without the need for holes on your PCB.
  4. Durable Construction:

    • Crafted from high-quality materials, our 2.54mm pin header ensures durability and reliable electrical conductivity. Trust in its robust construction for consistent performance in your electronic devices.
  5. Versatile Pin Counts:

    • Available in a range of pin counts, including 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 20, 40, and more, our pin header suits a variety of applications. Tailor your design with the pin count that meets your electronic connectivity needs.


  • Microcontrollers
  • Development Boards
  • Expansion Boards
  • Customized Electronic Designs

Why Choose Our 2.54mm Pin Header:

  • Interchangeable and adhering to industry standards
  • Streamlined modularity for easy customization
  • Perfect for prototyping and testing
  • Enhances electronic designs with reliable connectivity

Elevate your electronic projects with the precision and versatility of our 2.54mm Pin Header. Explore the range of configurations and pin counts to find the perfect fit for your PCB designs. Experience seamless electronic connectivity — order now for a superior connection!

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