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2.54mm PCB Socket SMT Type 3.7mm height 4 pins
2.54mm PCB Socket SMT Type 3.7mm height 4 pins
  • 2.54mm PCB Socket SMT Type 3.7mm height 4 pins

  • Part No : PSSM254-04G-37-B2
  • Specifications:
    Current Rating: 3.0A AC/DC
    Voltage Rating: 250V AC/DC
    Contact Resistance: 20m ohm. max.
    Insulation Resistance: 1,000M ohm. min.

    Withstanding Voltage: 600V AC/minute

    Operating Temperature Range: -40″C to + 105″C

    Material and Finish
    Insulator: High Temp. Plastic (Nylon 6T UL94V-0)

    Insulator Color:Black
    Contact: Phosphor Bronze

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Detailed description

Female header provide a receptacle for male components such as pin headers, male connectors, or other devices.

Elevate your electronic designs with our precision-engineered 2.54mm PCB Socket SMT Type, featuring a compact 3.7mm height and accommodating 4 pins. This space-efficient connector is designed for seamless surface-mounting on your PCB, ensuring reliable and efficient connectivity.

Key Features:

  • SMT Type for Efficient Assembly: Our 2.54mm PCB Socket boasts a Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Type design, streamlining your assembly process. Directly mountable on the PCB, this connector enhances efficiency and ensures a secure connection.

  • Compact 3.7mm Height: Designed with space optimization in mind, the 3.7mm height of this PCB Socket makes it ideal for applications where vertical space is limited. Achieve compact and sleek PCB layouts without compromising on connectivity.

  • Standard 2.54mm Pitch: With a standardized 2.54mm pitch, this socket aligns seamlessly with industry standards, providing compatibility for a wide range of electronic applications. Experience consistent performance with this widely adopted pitch.

  • 4-Pin Configuration: Tailored for applications with moderate pin requirements, the 4-pin configuration offers versatility while ensuring a secure and stable connection. Perfect for various electronic projects and circuit designs.


  • Consumer Electronics: Ideal for space-sensitive applications in consumer electronics, ensuring reliable connections in devices like smartphones, IoT devices, and more.

  • Prototyping and Development: Trusted by engineers and designers for breadboarding and prototyping, our 2.54mm PCB Socket is an excellent choice for efficient development.

  • Compact Electronic Devices: Perfect for compact electronic devices and gadgets where a low-profile and reliable connector solution is essential.

Order Today for Efficient Connectivity:

Upgrade your electronic designs with our 2.54mm PCB Socket SMT Type, offering a compact 3.7mm height and a 4-pin configuration. Experience the benefits of efficient assembly and space optimization. Order now to achieve precision and reliability in your electronic projects.

Contact:Catherine Tang


Header Male and Femal The function of the connector is to act as a bridge between blocked or isolated circuits within the circuit and to perform the task of current or signal transmission. The spacing can be roughly divided into 2.54mm / 2.00mm / 1.27mm / 1.00mm / 0.8mm. Universal connectors used in electronics, electrical appliances and instruments, mainly for current or signal transmission. Usually used in conjunction with a row of needles to form a plate-to-board connection

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