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For 877591464, 2.00mm Pin Header SMT Type Double Row
For 877591464, 2.00mm Pin Header SMT Type Double Row
  • For 877591464, 2.00mm Pin Header SMT Type Double Row

  • Part No : PHDSM20-14G-3525-CR
  • Specifications: 
    Current Rating:2.0A AC/DC 
    Voltage Rating:250V AC/DC 

    Contact Resistance:20m ohm. Max. 

    Insulation Resistance: 1 000M ohm. Min. 

    Withstanding Voltage:500V AC For One Minute

    Operating Temperature Rating: -40℃ ~ +105℃

    Material and Finish 

    lnsulator:High Temp. Plastic (Nylon6T Insulator Color:Black 
    Contact:Copper Alloy 

    Plated:Gold Plated 

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Detailed description

SMD header are electronic components used in surface mount technology applications.

Connector Type Pin header

Milli-Grid Header, Surface Mount, Vertical, 14 Circuits, 0.38µm Gold (Au) Selective Plating, without Press-fit Plastic Pegs, Pick-and-Place Cap, Lead-Free

Number of Positions 14
Samples Yes
Plated Gold Plated



Pin Headers are versatile and widely-used electronic connectors that work in tandem with PCB socket connectors. These connectors are comprised of a series of sturdy metal pins that are expertly designed to facilitate seamless connectivity between circuit boards and other electronic devices. Often touted as single-row connectors offering high reliability and superior flexibility, Pin Headers are ideal for a range of connection applications. Their design can be tailored to suit the specific needs of various electronic devices through customization of factors such as pin numbers, spacing, and arrangement. From computers to instruments, industrial automation, and household appliances, Pin Header connectors are the go-to option for connecting different electronic components. Whether you’re connecting data between hard disk drives and motherboard or linking circuits between LED strips and power supplies, Pin Header connectors are an indispensable component of any electronic product.

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