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2.0mm PCB Socket Straight Type 8 Circuits Through Hole equivalent to 791077003
2.0mm PCB Socket Straight Type 8 Circuits Through Hole equivalent to 791077003
  • 2.0mm PCB Socket Straight Type 8 Circuits Through Hole equivalent to 791077003

  • Part No : PSVD20-08
  • Specifications: 
    Current Rating:2.0A AC/DC 
    Voltage Rating:250V AC/DC 

    Contact Resistance:20m ohm max. 

    Withstanding Voltage:500V AC/minute 

    Insulation Resistance: 1000M ohm min.

    Operating Temperature Rating:-40℃~+105℃

    lnsulator:High Temp.Plastic

    Insulator Color:Black 

    Contact :Phosphor Bronze 

    Finish:Gold Plated

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Detailed description

Micro pcb socket are commonly used in electronic devices and applications where space is limited, and a compact and lightweight design is crucial

PCB sockets are designed to securely hold electronic components in place on the PCB. These components can include integrated circuits (ICs), connectors, switches, and other devices that need to be connected to the PCB.Using a socket allows for easy replacement of components. If a component becomes damaged or needs to be upgraded, it can be simply removed from the socket and replaced with a new one, without the need to desolder and resolder the component onto the PCB. This significantly reduces the risk of damaging the PCB during replacement.During the manufacturing process or when troubleshooting faulty systems, PCB sockets enable easy testing and debugging of individual components. By using sockets, engineers can quickly swap out components for testing without any permanent changes to the board.PCB sockets provide mechanical support to the connected components. They ensure that the components are securely held in place, preventing any accidental dislodging due to vibrations or other mechanical stresses.The primary function of a PCB socket is to establish an electrical connection between the component and the PCB. The socket’s contacts or pins make direct contact with the corresponding pads or pins on the component, allowing the flow of electrical signals between the component and the circuit.PCB sockets come in various types and configurations to accommodate different component packages. Whether it’s a dual in-line package (DIP), ball grid array (BGA), pin grid array (PGA), or other types, the socket’s design is tailored to match the specific requirements of the component being connected.Some PCB sockets, particularly ZIF sockets, offer the advantage of easy insertion and removal of components without applying any force. ZIF sockets have a unique mechanism that gently holds the component in place when inserted, eliminating the risk of damaging delicate components during installation.

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