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2.0mm PCB Socket SMT Type Single Row H=2.4/4.5mm
2.0mm PCB Socket SMT Type Single Row H=2.4/4.5mm
  • 2.0mm PCB Socket SMT Type Single Row H=2.4/4.5mm

  • Part No : PSSM20-XXG-BX-PCR
    • Specifications
      Current Rating:2.0A AC/DC
      Voltage Ratinge:250V AC/DC
      Contact Resistance:20m ohm. Max
      Insulation Resistance:1000Mohm min
      Withstanding Voltage:500V(r.m.s) For one Minute
      Operating Temperature Range:-40°C ~ +105°C
      Insulator:High Temp. Plastic(Nylon 9T UL94V-0)
      Conact :Phosphor Bronze

      Plated:Gold Plated

      Inquiry quotation: provide Plastic Height and Plating requirement

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Detailed description

Elevate your electronic designs with our cutting-edge 2.0mm PCB Socket SMT Type Single Row. Engineered for precision and efficiency, this surface-mount technology (SMT) socket is set to redefine the connectivity landscape. With a low-profile design (H=2.4/4.5mm), it’s the ideal choice for applications where space optimization is paramount.

Key Features:

1. SMT Advantages: The SMT design eliminates the need for through-holes, streamlining your PCB assembly process and allowing for a more compact layout.

2. 2.0mm Pin Spacing: Standardized 2.0mm pin spacing ensures compatibility with a variety of components, providing versatility in your design choices.

3. Single Row Configuration: Optimize your PCB layout with the space-saving Single Row design, striking a balance between performance and efficiency.

4. Low-Profile Elegance: With a height of 2.4/4.5mm, this PCB socket offers a sleek and low-profile solution, making it perfect for applications with strict space constraints.

5. Robust Construction: Crafted with durability in mind, our PCB socket is built to withstand the demands of diverse electronic environments, ensuring reliability and longevity.

Why Choose Our 2.0mm PCB Socket SMT Type Single Row?

Transform your electronic projects with a socket that combines precision, efficiency, and space optimization. The 2.0mm PCB Socket SMT Type Single Row (H=2.4/4.5mm) is the key to unlocking seamless connectivity in your designs.

Upgrade today—order now and experience the next level of precision and space efficiency in your electronic projects!

Melissa Lee

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