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1.27mm PCB Socket Dip Type Double Row Height 4.3mm
1.27mm PCB Socket Dip Type Double Row Height 4.3mm
  • 1.27mm PCB Socket Dip Type Double Row Height 4.3mm

  • Part No : PSDV127-XXG-AX
  • Specifications

    Current Rating:1.0A AC/DC
    Voltage Ratinge:50V AC/DC
    Contact Resistance:20m ohm. Max
    Insulation Resistance:1000Mohm min
    Withstanding Voltage:500V(r.m.s) For one Minute
    Operating Temperature Range:-25°C ~ +105°C


    Insulator:High Temp. Plastic(Nylon 6T UL94V-0)
    Conact :Phosphor Bronze

    Plated:Gold Plated

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Detailed description

PCB socket connectors are the unsung heroes, simplifying the process of creating secure and efficient connections for printed circuit boards

Key Features:

  • Effortless Connectivity: PCB socket connectors are designed for easy and secure connection to PCBs, ensuring a hassle-free assembly process.
  • Variety of Options: These connectors come in various configurations, including single-row, double-row, surface mount, and through-hole, offering versatility to accommodate different design needs.
  • Secure Connections: PCB socket connectors provide stable and reliable connections, minimizing the risk of disruptions in operation, which is vital for applications where reliability is a must.


  • Streamlined Assembly: The design of PCB socket connectors simplifies the assembly process, reducing the time and effort required for creating connections on your PCB.
  • Versatile Applications: PCB socket connectors find applications in various industries, including consumer electronics, industrial automation, telecommunications, and more, thanks to their adaptability.
  • Efficiency and Reliability: These connectors ensure efficient and reliable connections, crucial for maintaining the integrity of electronic circuits.


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