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Molex Mini50 Sealed Automotive Connector

Mini50 Series 1.8 mm Printed Circuit Board Automotive Cable Installation Socket Connectors with 0.50 mm Sealed Connector Interfaces certified by USCAR 050. These Mini50 sealed automotive connectors feature a compact design and save 25% of space compared to traditional sealed 0.64 mm connectors. The circular shape of the connectors makes it easier to route through-hole wire harnesses. These connectors utilize high-performance matte-sealing technology, ensuring a seamless sealed surface and achieving an IP68 rating. The connector housing is polarized to prevent misalignment and color-coded for easy identification. Independent Secondary Locks (ISL) are molded onto the socket housing to securely hold the terminals in place. Connector Position Assurance (CPA) ensures a secure connection and prevents accidental disconnection. The terminals for these Mini50 automotive socket housings must be purchased separately.

Features and Benefits:

 • Designed and tested according to USCAR 050 specifications. 

• 25% smaller than traditional 0.64 mm sealed interfaces. 

• High-performance sealing with an IP68 rating. 

• Circular shape for easy routing of through-hole wire harnesses. 

• Polarized housing for precise mating. 

• Independent Secondary Locks for terminal retention. 

• Connector Position Assurance for secure mating connections.

Product Application Information: These Mini50 Series sealed automotive socket connectors accommodate small terminals, making them suitable for low-current electrical circuits in sealed transport environments. Applications include power steering, cameras, sensors, brakes, exterior lighting, and mirrors.

Customized products, non-cancellable, and non-returnable, following RS sales terms.