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compatible Picoflex Connectors(90325 /90779/90814/ 90816/90327/90584 series)

Hoyato has launched the 1.27mm Header and IDT Housing series, which can provide 4~26 pins. The plastic color can be black or white, and the surface plating can provide tin plating and gold plating.

Applications by Industry

  • Automotive:Air conditioning/Car LCD panel/Car audio/Dashboard applications/In-car entertainment/Navigation systems
  • Industrial Automation:Access controls/Advertising displays/Power supply markets and applications/Security devices/Solar/Weighing systems
  • MedTech:Blood analyzer/Patient monitors/Portable heart monitors/Testers
  • Home Appliances:Countertop/Dishwasher/Dryer/Microwave/Oven/Refrigerator/Washing machine