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1.00mm Pitch PCI-E 36P Clamping plated
1.00mm Pitch PCI-E 36P Clamping plated 1.00mm Pitch PCI-E 36P Clamping plated
  • 1.00mm Pitch PCI-E 36P Clamping plated

  • Part No : PCIECP10-36GX
  • 1. Current Rating : 1.1Amps
    2. Voltage Rating : 250V AC
    3. Contact Resistance : 30m Ohm Max At DC 100m Amps
    4. Insulation Resistance : 100M Ohm Min At DC 500V
    5. Withstanding Voltage : 1 Minute At 750V r.m.s Min
    6. Operating Temperature Range : -40°C ~ 85°C


    1. Insulator:High Temp. Plastic (100M Ohm Min At DC 500V)
    2. Insulator Color:Balck        
    3.Plating:Selective Gold Plated         
    4. Fork:Spcc Nickel Plated

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Detailed description

The  PCIe is a high-performance computing accelerator that is designed to enhance the speed and efficiency of data processing tasks. With its advanced architecture and innovative features, the  PCIe is able to handle complex calculations and analytics with ease.

One of the key benefits of the PCIe is its ability to accelerate machine learning and artificial intelligence applications. By utilizing the power of the  PCIe, organizations can significantly reduce the time it takes to train and deploy machine learning models, leading to faster insights and improved decision-making.

In addition, the  PCIe is also ideal for use in data centers and cloud computing environments. Its high-speed connectivity and low latency make it an excellent choice for handling large volumes of data and processing intensive workloads.

Overall, the  PCIe is a versatile and powerful computing accelerator that is well-suited for a wide range of applications. Its advanced features and performance capabilities make it a valuable tool for organizations looking to enhance their data processing capabilities and drive innovation in their operations.


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