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8P8C Mould JACK+USB+LED Connector
8P8C Mould JACK+USB+LED Connector
  • 8P8C Mould JACK+USB+LED Connector

  • Part No : RJDRMUBS-8P8C-LYRG
  • Current Rating:1.5A AC,DC
    Voltage Rating:125V AC,DC
    Temperature Range:-40°C ~ +85°C
    Contact Resistance:20mohm max.
    Insulation Resistance:500Mohm min.
    Withstanding Voltage:1,000V AC/Minute
    Insulator:High Temp. Plastic (PBT UL 94V-0)
    Contact:Copper Alloy
    Plating: Gold Plated  on Contact Area,
    Tin Plated on Solder Tail. 
    Shell:Metal Iron with Nickel plated 

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Detailed description

The 8P8C Mould JACK+USB+LED Connector is a versatile and innovative connectivity solution that combines the features of an 8P8C modular jack (commonly known as RJ45), a USB connector, and an embedded Light Emitting Diode (LED). This integrated connector is designed to provide seamless and enhanced connectivity, offering a range of applications across various industries. Here’s a detailed overview:

1. 8P8C Modular Jack (RJ45):

  • The 8P8C modular jack is a standard connector widely used for Ethernet networking applications. It consists of eight positions and eight contacts (hence 8P8C), typically associated with Ethernet cables for data transmission.

2. USB Connector:

  • The USB connector incorporated into this design adds versatility by allowing the transfer of data and power. USB connectivity is commonly used in a variety of electronic devices, enabling fast and reliable data transfer between devices.

3. LED (Light Emitting Diode):

  • The embedded LED enhances the connector’s functionality by providing visual feedback. This LED can serve various purposes, such as indicating power status, connection activity, or signaling specific events. The LED adds a visual element to the connector, making it both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Key Features:

a. Multifunctional Connectivity:

  • The connector supports Ethernet connectivity through the 8P8C jack, USB data transfer, and potentially USB power delivery. This multifunctional design caters to a wide range of applications, including networking, data transfer, and device charging.

b. LED Indication:

  • The embedded LED serves as a status indicator, providing visual feedback on the connector’s operational status. This feature is valuable for diagnostics, signaling connection status, or indicating specific events.

c. Space-Efficient Design:

  • The integration of multiple functions into a single connector optimizes space on devices. This space-efficient design is particularly beneficial in applications with limited space or where streamlined and compact connectivity solutions are essential.

d. Enhanced User Experience:

  • The LED not only adds a functional element but also contributes to an enhanced user experience by providing clear visual cues. Users can easily interpret the status of the connector, leading to improved usability.

e. Application Versatility:

  • Suitable for a variety of applications, including networking equipment, data transfer devices, and electronic appliances that benefit from combined RJ45 and USB connectivity with the added visual feedback from the LED.

f. Industry Compliance:

  • The connector is designed to comply with industry standards for 8P8C modular jacks and USB connectors, ensuring compatibility with a broad range of devices and systems.

g. Durability and Reliability:

  • Constructed with durable materials, the 8P8C Mould JACK+USB+LED Connector is engineered for reliability and longevity, making it suitable for various environments and use cases.

Conclusion: The 8P8C Mould JACK+USB+LED Connector offers a comprehensive solution for connectivity needs, combining the proven functionalities of RJ45 and USB connectors with the added benefit of LED indication. This integration simplifies device design, enhances user experience, and expands the possibilities for multifunctional electronic applications.

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