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PHD Series B32B-PHDSS(LF)(SN) Wire to Board Connector
PHD Series B32B-PHDSS(LF)(SN) Wire to Board Connector
  • PHD Series B32B-PHDSS(LF)(SN) Wire to Board Connector

  • Part No : WFDVJ20-32
  • Product Name
    High Temp. Plastic (Nylon 6T UL94V-0)
    Copper Alloy
    Current Rating
    3.0A AC/DC
    Voltage Rating
    250V AC/DC
    Standard Color
    Contact resistance
    20m Ohms Max
    Insulation Resistance
    1000M Ohm/Min
    Operating Temperature
    -25℃ to+105℃
    Bag packing,Tube packing,Tape&Reel packing,etc
    Accept and made based on drawing or samples
    Payment Terms
    T/T,PayPal,Western Union,L/C
    Company Advantage
    1.Factory and trade integration,10+ years export experience; 2.One-stop shopping;
    3.Competitive price;
    4.Timely delivery;
    5.Technical support;
    6.Samples for free;
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Detailed description

PHD Series B32B-PHDSS(LF)(SN) Wire to Board Connector

The PHD Series B32B-PHDSS(LF)(SN) Wire-to-Board Connector is a cornerstone in electronic connectivity, offering reliability and precision in diverse applications. Explore its features, applications, and benefits through this SEO-optimized overview:

1. Robust Wire-to-Board Connection:

  • The PHD Series B32B-PHDSS(LF)(SN) Connector ensures a secure and reliable connection between wires and circuit boards, minimizing signal loss and maintaining electrical integrity.

2. Versatile Series Compatibility:

  • Part of the PHD Series, this connector offers compatibility with various models within the series, providing design flexibility and ease of integration across different projects.

3. LF and SN Plating Options:

  • Available with LF (Lead-Free) and SN (Tin) plating options, the connector caters to different environmental and regulatory requirements, ensuring compliance and long-term reliability.

4. Precision Engineering for Optimal Performance:

  • Engineered with precision, the connector guarantees optimal performance in terms of signal transmission, contact resistance, and durability, meeting the demands of critical electronic systems.

5. Secure Locking Mechanism:

  • The connector features a secure locking mechanism that ensures stable mating and prevents accidental disconnection, providing peace of mind in high-vibration or high-movement environments.

6. Wide Range of Applications:

  • From consumer electronics and industrial automation to automotive systems and medical devices, the PHD Series B32B-PHDSS(LF)(SN) Connector finds applications in diverse industries, offering reliable connectivity solutions for various electronic systems.

7. Easy Installation and Maintenance:

  • Designed for easy installation and maintenance, the connector simplifies assembly processes, reduces downtime, and enhances overall system reliability.

8. SEO Keywords:

  • PHD Series Connector, B32B-PHDSS(LF)(SN), Wire-to-Board Connector, Reliable Connectivity, LF Plating, SN Plating, Precision Engineering, Secure Locking Mechanism.

In summary, the PHD Series B32B-PHDSS(LF)(SN) Wire-to-Board Connector stands as a reliable and versatile solution for your electronic connectivity needs. With its precision engineering, compatibility options, and robust performance, it ensures seamless integration and dependable operation in a wide range of applications.

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