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1.0mm FPC Zif Vertical SMT Type Single Contacts
1.0mm FPC Zif Vertical SMT Type Single Contacts
  • 1.0mm FPC Zif Vertical SMT Type Single Contacts

  • Part No : FPCVSM10-XX-H29
  • Specifications
    Current Rating:1.0A AC/DC
    Voltage Ratinge:100V AC/DC
    Contact Resistance:30m ohm. Max
    Insulation Resistance:100Mohm min
    Withstanding Voltage:500V(r.m.s) For one Minute
    Operating Temperature Range:-25°C ~ +105°C
    Insulator:High Temp. Plastic(Nylon 6T UL94V-0)
    Conact :Phosphor Bronze

    Plated:Tin Plated

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Detailed description

1.0mm FPC ZIF Vertical SMT Type Single Contacts Connector: Precision in Flexibility

The 1.0mm FPC ZIF Vertical SMT Type Single Contacts Connector is an intricate yet robust solution tailored for flexible printed circuits (FPC). With its specific design features, this connector ensures precision, reliability, and seamless integration in various electronic applications. Here’s a detailed SEO-friendly exploration of its key attributes:

1. Precise Compatibility with 1.0mm Pitch FPCs:

  • Engineered with a 1.0mm pitch, this connector is meticulously designed to perfectly accommodate 1.0mm-pitch FPCs. The precision ensures a seamless fit, promoting optimal performance.

2. ZIF Mechanism for Gentle Connectivity:

  • The Zero Insertion Force (ZIF) mechanism allows for effortless and gentle insertion of the FPC without external force. This design minimizes the risk of damage during connection, ensuring the longevity of both the connector and the flexible circuit.

3. Vertical SMT Configuration for Efficient Assembly:

  • Designed with a Vertical Surface Mount Technology (SMT) configuration, this connector facilitates direct mounting onto the PCB surface. The vertical orientation enhances ease of assembly, making it well-suited for automated manufacturing processes.

4. Single Contacts Design for Specific Connectivity:

  • The connector adopts a Single Contacts design, where each contact point establishes a precise and singular connection with the FPC. This configuration is ideal for applications requiring specific and reliable connectivity.

5. Space-Efficient and Compact:

  • With a 1.0mm pitch and a vertical SMT design, this connector contributes to the overall compactness and space efficiency of electronic devices. It is a suitable choice for applications where miniaturization is a critical design consideration.

6. Reliable Signal Transmission for Enhanced Performance:

  • Engineered to ensure reliable signal transmission, the Single Contacts design of the connector enhances stability and connectivity. This is particularly crucial in applications where signal integrity is paramount for optimal device performance.

7. Versatility Across Industries:

  • This connector finds applications across diverse industries, including consumer electronics, medical devices, and industrial applications. Its adaptability to different environments and requirements makes it a versatile and reliable choice.

8. Considerations for Selection:

  • FPC Pitch Compatibility: Verify that the 1.0mm pitch aligns with the specific pitch of the FPC used in the application.
  • Automation Compatibility: The Vertical SMT configuration ensures compatibility with automated assembly processes, contributing to efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

9. SEO Keywords: 1.0mm FPC Connector, ZIF Mechanism, Vertical SMT Configuration, Single Contacts Design, Reliable Signal Transmission, Space-Efficient Connectivity, Miniaturization, Automated Assembly.

In summary, the 1.0mm FPC ZIF Vertical SMT Type Single Contacts Connector stands as a testament to precision and reliability in flexible circuit connectivity. Its innovative features make it an ideal choice for applications where delicacy, efficiency, and space optimization are key considerations.

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