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1.00 mm Zero Insertion Force Flat Flexible Cable Socket Strip ZF1-20-02-T-WT-TR H=2.5MM
1.00 mm Zero Insertion Force Flat Flexible Cable Socket Strip ZF1-20-02-T-WT-TR H=2.5MM
  • 1.00 mm Zero Insertion Force Flat Flexible Cable Socket Strip ZF1-20-02-T-WT-TR H=2.5MM

  • Part No : FPCRSM10-20-TC-H25
  • Series: ZF1

    Pitch: 1 mm

    Contact Plating: Tin

    Current Rating: 1.9 A

    Termination Type: SMD/SMT
    Mounting Angle: Right Angle

    Minimum operating temperature: – 55 C
    Maximum operating temperature: + 105 C

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Detailed description

1.00mm Zero Insertion Force (ZIF) Flat Flexible Cable Socket Strip ZF1-20-02-T-WT-TR H=2.5MM: Precision Connectivity with Space-Efficiency

The 1.00mm ZIF Flat Flexible Cable (FFC) Socket Strip, identified as ZF1-20-02-T-WT-TR with a height of 2.5mm, embodies the latest in connectivity technology, offering a delicate balance between precision and space optimization. Delve into the distinctive features and advantages that define this connector through this SEO-friendly overview:

1. Zero Insertion Force (ZIF) Technology:

  • ZIF technology eliminates the need for additional force during FFC insertion, minimizing the risk of damage to sensitive flexible cables. The gentle insertion mechanism is crucial for applications where delicacy is paramount.

2. 1.00mm Pitch for Pinpoint Accuracy:

  • Engineered with a precise 1.00mm pitch, this connector ensures pinpoint accuracy in alignment with compatible FFCs. The precise pitch contributes to maintaining signal integrity and electrical performance.

3. Flexible Cable Compatibility:

  • Tailored to accommodate 1.00mm pitch FFCs, this connector strip is designed for optimal compatibility with flexible cables. This makes it well-suited for applications where flexibility and adaptability are key considerations.

4. Space-Efficient Design with 2.5mm Height:

  • The 2.5mm height of this connector strip contributes to a space-efficient design, making it suitable for applications with tight spatial constraints. Its low profile enhances its applicability in compact electronic devices.

5. Versatile 20-Pin Configuration:

  • The 20-pin configuration enhances versatility, providing multiple connection points for a variety of signal channels. Each pin is dedicated to ensuring reliable signal transmission, contributing to the overall performance of the connector.

6. Secure and Reliable Connections:

  • Leveraging ZIF technology, the connector strip ensures secure and reliable connections. Its design is resilient to vibrations and movements, maintaining stable connectivity in dynamic applications.

7. Applications Across Industries:

  • The 1.00mm ZIF FFC Socket Strip with 20 Pins (ZF1-20-02-T-WT-TR, H=2.5MM) finds applications in diverse industries, including consumer electronics, medical devices, automotive systems, and more. Its adaptability makes it a versatile choice for various electronic designs.

8. SEO Keywords:

  • ZIF FFC Connector, 1.00mm Pitch FFC Socket, Flexible Cable Connectivity, 20-Pin FFC Strip, ZIF Technology, Space-Efficient Design, Reliable Signal Transmission, Low-Profile Connector.

In summary, the 1.00mm ZIF FFC Socket Strip (ZF1-20-02-T-WT-TR) with a height of 2.5mm marries ZIF technology with precision design, offering a reliable and space-efficient solution for connecting flexible circuits. Its 20-pin configuration and low profile make it an integral component in electronic designs emphasizing flexibility, reliability, and optimal use of space.

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