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  • For Amtek 5BH1SDA88-14G05TU-00 2.54mm Box Header Straight Type

  • Part No : BHV254-14G
    • Specifications: 
      Current Rating:3.0A AC/DC 
      Voltage Rating:250V AC/DC 
      Contact Resistance:20m ohm. Max. 

      Insulation Resistance:1,000M ohm. 

      Min. Withstanding Voltage:600V AC For One Minute 

      Operating Temperature Range:-40℃~+105℃ 

      Material and Finish 

      Insulator: PBT (UL94V-0) 
      Insulator Color:Black 
      Contact:Copper Alloy 
      Finish:Gold Plated 

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Detailed description

The 2.54mm box header is a standard, versatile electrical connector with a 2.54mm pitch, perfect for reliable and widely-used electronic connections


Connector Type Box Header

Box Header, Hi-Temp. Thermoplastic, UL94V-0, Black, Rosh

Number of Positions 14
Samples Yes








Box Header Connector, also known as a rectangular pin header connector, is a widely used connectivity solution between electronic devices and circuit boards. This connector is favored for its robust design, high reliability, and versatility. Its unique rectangular shape enables effective transmission of power, signals, and data in various applications.

Key Features:

  • 1. Robust Design: Manufactured from durable materials, the Box Header Connector ensures durability over numerous insertion and extraction cycles, meeting the demands of long-term usage.
  • 2. Various Sizes and Pin Counts: Available in multiple sizes and pin counts to accommodate different application scenarios and connection requirements.
  • 3. Precisely Matched Receptacles: The pin design of the Box Header Connector precisely matches its corresponding receptacle, ensuring correct connections and minimizing the risk of misalignment.
  • 4. Versatility: Suitable for connecting electronic modules, circuit boards, cards, and other devices, serving multiple purposes such as data transfer, power transmission, and signal communication.
  • 5. Easy Installation: The Box Header Connector offers straightforward installation steps, facilitating usage during manufacturing and maintenance processes.
  • 6. Wide Application: Widely used in industrial automation, communication equipment, computer hardware, consumer electronics, and more.
  • Application Areas:

    • 1. Industrial automation equipment
    • 2. Communication and networking devices
    • 3. Computer and server hardware
    • 4. Consumer electronic products
    • 5. Medical devices
    • 6. Automotive electronics

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